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Upgrade cPanel 11.25 dan PHP 5.2.12

Saat ini kami telah melakukan update cpanel dari versi 11.24.5 ke 11.25.0 In 11.25.0 over 50% more of the code base was touched in comparison to 11.24. While the version has only incrementally moved up .1, this is considered a “Major” release. We fully expect this to be a relatively trouble free update and are… Read More »

cPanel Security Update Advisory

Several potential security issues have been identified with cPanel software and Horde, a 3rd party bundled application. cPanel releases prior to 11.18.4 and 11.22.2 are susceptible to security issues, which range in severity from trivial to medium-critical. Along with the discovery of these potential issues, cPanel has released a new security tool to provide users… Read More »

CentOS Install for a cPanel Web Server

This is a basic installation tutorial for the CentOS operating system for dedicated server duties ! CentOS is a free whitelabel distro of RedHat Enterprise with all the bells and wistles, and is the OS of choice for many web hosting companies Installing the OS using ‘Text Mode’ : 1 – Insert the first Linux… Read More »