convert cpanel account to addon

By | 20 June 2009

Is there a way i can convert/transfer a regular cpanel account to a addon
domain for a regular cpanel account?

The answer is this job can be done but requires alot of manual work. Also your email accounts and their settings will be lost in the procedure however later you copy email data from source server and replace it with destination for each domain correspondingly.

Here is some steps which may be helpful to complete this job:

  1. Create subdomains from CPanel on your shared account for all other accounts which you want to setup now as addon on the top of these subdomains.
  2. Generate dump of your database which can be restored on shared account later but you will have to create DB users again.
  3. Copy all web contents to their corresponding sub domains.
  4. Park these domains on the top of their subdomains
  5. Now create email accounts and place email data copied from the origin  server.