Tuning sysctl.conf on CentOS 7

Sysctl lets the user fine tune the kernel without having to rebuild the kernel. It also will apply the changes immediately, thus the server won’t have to be rebooted for changes to take effect. To make the changes permanent, you will have to add these values to a configuration file. Use the configuration file CentOS provides… Read More »

Year End Promo – Paket Hosting Unlimited cuma 500rb

Di penghujung tahun 2018 Whplus memberikan harga spesial untuk paket hosting combo unlimited hanya 500rb setahun. Paket Hosting Combo Unlimited Storage Space Unlimited,  Bandwidth Unlimited,  CPU Core 2, Virtual Memory 2GB,  10 Addons Domain, Email Unlimited,  cPanel, Softaculous Apps Installer. Hanya Rp 500,000/tahun ————Ketentuan————* Promocode: YES2018* Hanya berlaku untuk order hari ini dan besok.* harga promo hanya… Read More »

Pesta Diskon Harbolnas 2018

Menyambut Hari Belanja Online Nasional yang dirayakan setiap tanggal 12 Desember, Whplus memberikan one-time diskon 40% untuk paket VPS Hosting IIX – Paket VPS 512MB, Space 20GB, unlimited domain Rp 30,000/bulan – Paket VPS 1GB, Space 40GB, unlimited domain Rp 50,000/bulan – Paket VPS 2GB, Space 60GB, unlimited domain Rp 100,000/bulan – Paket VPS 4GB, Space… Read More »