Autorepair script to fix RHEL/CentOS sudo update (breaks resolver)

By | 12 August 2012

cPanel has released an autorepair script to resolve a problem caused by a CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux security update to sudo.

If you are experiencing problems resolving domains, please take the following action from WHM or a root shell:

To apply the fix from WHM:
1. Login to WHM as root

2. Manually append the following to the url:



3. In the script name field, enter:


4. Click Submit

To apply the fix from a root shell:
/scripts/autorepair nsswitch
# or for newer versions of cPanel
/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/autorepair nsswitch

cPanel has assigned internal case number 60611 to track this problem.

At this time, we believe only RHEL 5, and CentOS 5 are affected if /etc/nsswitch.conf contained a sudoers line prior to the sudo rpm being updated.