Securing Icecast Stream with SSL Letsencrypt

Icecast is a popular and well loved live audio streaming application. It is free, and requires very limited resources to run. In this guide, we’ll explain how to enable HTTPS on Icecast, and how to generate SSL certificates for free via Lets Encrypt. This guide assumes you’re running Debian 11 or newer. Older versions may work, but there’s a lot of painful stuffing around with package dependencies.

Some online guides show you how to place Nginx or Apache in front of Icecast for SSL termination, but that’s not necessary. Now, you can install or update Icecast:

apt-get install icecast2

At this point, you may need to configure Icecast. If this is an existing installation, Icecast should still be running with your existing configuration. Make sure you test this now.
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