What is Cloud Linux?

Anyone who keeps up with us knows that we’ve moved all of our shared and reseller hosting servers over to Cloud Linux. Here I’m going to go over what exactly Cloud Linux is, what it brings to the table, and some of the more technical aspects of it.

So, what exactly is Cloud Linux?

In a typical server environment, there are no hard limits in place for each user. There are of course things you can limit (PHP memory use, cron job execution, disk space, bandwidth, etc), but those aren’t the things users do that will hit you where it hurts. The majority of resource problems stem from CPU use, or disk IO, bad MySQL queries, and other runaway scripts. Before Cloud Linux, it was always a game of cat and mouse. We had to have our sysadmins get notified of the issue, login to the machine, locate the user and suspend whatever activity they were doing which was causing the problems. Pretty lame, right? We thought so too. Cloud Linux changes the game, not only for the end user like yourself but for us. Read the rest of this entry »

Migrasi Akun Server02 USA

Sehubungan dengan adanya problem di server02 USA ( IP )  maka saat ini akun hosting yg ada di server tsb kami migrasikan server12 USA ( IP ).

Bila anda menggunakan NS kami (ns1.whplus.net, ns2.whplus.net dan ns3.whplus.net) ataupun reseller hosting yang menggunakan private NS sesuai prosedur yang diberikan di email aktifasi maka anda tidak perlu melakukan perubahan apapun di DNS record domain anda.

Akan tetapi bila anda menggunakan NS selain yang disebutkan di atas maka anda harus mengubah A record domain anda ke IP tersebut di bawah ini:

Semula menjadi

Silakan kontak support bila ada akun anda yang bermasalah sehubungan dengan proses migrasi ini.

Demikian informasi ini disampaikan. Mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanan ini.

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Hosting 1GB 99rb/tahun !!

Harga special untuk Hosting USA Special berlaku selama langganan.

Disk Space : 1GB
Traffic : 20GB/bulan
100 Addons/Parked Domains
Unlimited Email, MySQL, FTP
Rp 99,000/tahun dg kupon DISC-50RB

Disk Space : 2GB
Traffic : 40GB/bulan
100 Addons/Parked Domains
Unlimited Email, MySQL, FTP
Rp 199,000/tahun dg kupon DISC-50RB

Info lebih lanjut kunjungi http://whplus.com/special.php

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